Copy these 6 gorgeous fishtail braids that are as stunning as they are easy

The fishtail braid is different than a traditional braid in that it's more of a lacy-weave. In a conventional braid, you take three pieces of hair and cross them over repeatedly (sometimes picking up more hair as you move). In a fishtail braid, you work with two sections split into three parts each, and weave hair from both sides together.
If this sounds a little intimidating, check out these fishtail braid ideas to see just how easy it can be.
1. Half-up fishtail braid
The half-up version of the fishtail is pretty and it takes less time than a full braid. We love how easy it is to see the delicate weaving when it's contrasted with the long hair in the back.
2. French fishtail braid
This is your basic version of the braid, done two ways. On the left is a looser (messy) style. The right is a little tighter and more formal. Both fishtails look great.
3. Easy fishtail braid side plait
This style is a little more fun with a bit of funky. Just tossing it to the side and edging it up with some harder hair accessories gives this plaited style a different feel.
4. Upside down fishtail braid
If you want to change the way something looks, turn it upside down. Running the fishtail upside down highlights a different side of the weaved braid. Instead of finishing with a bun, you could run the braid all the way up and tuck leftover hairs inside.
5.Fishtail rope braid
Rope braids are pretty on their own, but when you add the fishtail style, it looks even better. The elegant twisted look moves from one side of the head to the other, twisting up into an updo.
6. Fishtail seashell
The perfect beachy hairdo combines land and sea with the seashell-fishtail combo. The braid weaves softly down the side of the head into an elegant twisted bun.

Once you learn the pull-through technique, you'll have endless options for a breezy summer look.
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