7 gorgeous braided updos that you don't have to be a hairstylist to do

Updos can be intimidating, especially if you're going for a polished look. Braided updos, however, are easier than you might think. Some aren't even braids in the traditional sense of the word.
In all cases, braiding perfectly clean hair presents a lot of challenges. Be sure to use a texturizing spray or, ideally, don't wash your hair on the day you're braiding it.
1. Five-braid updo
If you're new to braiding, this may look extremely challenging. Actually, it's really easy. You create the updo with two braids on the left, two more on the right and a braided, tucked-up ponytail in the middle. Get the full tutorial at Hair Romance.
2. Long bridal braid with floral accents
In terms of hair moments, a wedding is a biggie, and bridal hair must deliver. This ornate style offers a soft yet complex look with a sparkly floral rhinestone vine. It's perfect for an outdoor event with a natural theme. Get the full look here.
3. Fishtail updo
You don’t have to have long hair to create an upscale updo with a fishtail braid. The secret is bobby pins. Half of this look is simply pinned up. Although the actual braiding is minimal, the look is truly glamorous.
4. French rope updo
If you can French braid your hair, you can easily create this stunning updo. Simply start on one side and secure the braid with an elastic hair band at the center. Form the bun and tuck it up against the braid.
5. Quick party updo
This style only requires a simple Dutch braid and a banana clip. The clip keeps the main braid in place, and bobby pins do the rest of the work. Tip: Be sure pins are tight, and finish with hairspray.
6. Upside down braided updo
This upside down Dutch braid only requires that you braid the lower half of your hair. Use a hair dooughnut for the top, but leave out a little section of hair below it to create a French braid with the remaining hair. Gorgeous!
7. Pull-through braided updo
If you feel like you don't have enough fingers when braiding, then the pull-through braid will be a delight. Just be sure you have lots of clear elastics to hold the sections in place before you start.

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