Two different braided styles are combined to create this stunning look

There are a few combinations in this world that were just meant to be: peanut butter and jelly, chocolate and peanut butter, Batman and Robin, Han Solo and Chewbacca, and these braids. Why would you ever settle for just one type of braid, when you could combine a few and get hair perfection?
Check out these adorable combo braids you can sport anywhere.
1. Dutch-fishtail
This braid is really pretty. The different braid textures add a fun element, while the curls add softness to the style. While she does her hair after it's washed, you can save time on this style by using second-day hair. (There's no shame is shaving a little time off your morning routine!)
2. Soft combo braid
French braid, mini braid, and traditional Dutch braid mashed into one style. The look is surprisingly simple and elegant for as much braiding that goes into it.
3. Rope, three-strand, and fishtail (h/t Beyond the Ponytail)
When you want to add a little extra 'umph to your work-week hairstyle, try a combination of a rope braid, three-strand, and fishtail. Putting three casual braid styles together creates a look that works for hitting school, but also feels a little more put together.
4. Fishtail, Dutch
A combination of sleek and full, the fishtail and Dutch braid combinations feel royal. This is a perfect hairstyle for a formal occasion, but it could look just as great with a pretty sweater and a pair of jeans.
5. Dutch-lace and fishtail combo (h/t Sofie's Channel)
Dutch lace and fishtail braids create a sleek look that's perfect for a night out or a day at the beach. This is an excellent style for thinner hair because it looks elegant and streamlined.
6. French and fishtail (h/t Mimi Massari)
French and fishtail work great together because of the contrast between hard and soft textures. The added flip at the top is a fun touch too. You can pull the outside braid as little or as much as you like.
7. Blended beauty (h/t Studio Braids)
This blend of several different braids creates a stunning Viking-esque look. The style likely works better on thick hair, but if you have thin hair, try pulling the braids apart to make them look bigger.

When most people think of braids, they picture thick, full-headed jobs that take a ton of time and serious finger strength. But, these trendy styles are just as cute and a lot less work than the traditional full braid.
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